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The purpose of this article is to understand what is Twitter? Twitter is a social networking and micro blogging service, owned and operated by Twitter Inc. that enables its users to send and read other users’ messages called tweets. Tweets are text-based posts of up to 140 characters displayed on the author’s profile page” (c) Wikipedia.  It’s the scientific explanation of Twitter, but if we look at it from ordinary view, what we will see?

It is first necessary to explain that is for different people Twitter has multifarious meaning. For ones it is one of the ways to find friends and people who can understand their feelings and ideas. In the Internet, exactly in Twitter, they can present themselves better than they are in real life. These people invent unreal events that “happened” in their life. They are trying to interest their followers by describing their all activities. But actually it’s only internet trash. This kind of users become addicted and spends a lot of their free time writing what they did before.

In contrast to previous paragraph, most of the popular people like politicians (Barack Obama, Dmitriy Medvedev), stars and companies use this site to post their activities and some ideas. It’s good and the easiest way to communicate with ordinary people.

Summing up, Twitter, as other software, is good is it used without addiction to it. Everything should be within reasonable limits.  Twitter is undoubtedly the valuable tool for communication in nowadays and also in future. People from all over the world can express themselves without any talent to writing. The main thing is that it should carry any idea and sense on it.



Nowadays, most of us have a lot of friends and relatives all over the world. But how are we still connected with them? During all human history, people have invented new types of connections: an ancient messenger, a carrier pigeon, a post and modern type of connection – an online messages\calls via mobile phones, internet etc. In the following essay, I am going to explain the modern type of communication.

There are different popular softwares that offer you a possibility to call to another country\continent or to see online maps and find the shortest way from your home to the place you need to get. We cannot imagine our lives without mobile phones or PC\laptops, because all our information is stored there. By typing key words in Google, you can easily find information about various places where you can go on holidays; restaurants where the chef has a cooking talent  from God; books to read if you want to become smarter etc.

Nevertheless, the modern type of communication is very dangerous from the side of stealing private databases. For an ordinary computer hacker it is not a problem to crack someone’s database and to use this information for selling or blackmailing. The latest, most under discussion crack is Wikileaks. The founder of this site uploaded a lot of stolen information from the USA government about the war in Afghanistan. On the one hand, the founder wanted to make press free without any frames, but from other hand he showed very dangerous information with names, private addresses of people, who joined these operations.

As a result, we have: a good means of connection because of prices and at the same time with defects owing to “free open” database with private information. It will be at the same level – nevertheless on the progress of level of protection – until people are interested in such kind of things like blackmail, extortion and gain.



Where do people go to find answers to the questions that interest them? Do they go to the library, teachers or parents to ask and find the truth?   No, they do not. In our century of technology and information the internet is the most suitable and comfortable way to obtain information. People try to find the answers on the internet by using Google, Wikipedia etc. because it is easier and faster. However, while these sources of information are popular, their credibility is debatable.  

 This is highlighted by the fact that anyone with internet access can write and make changes to Wikipedia articles.  This poses a big problem as ordinary individuals without qualification can post incorrect information. While there are Wikipedia employees that now check the information, this is only done for famous profiles. Therefore, there are articles online that are full of historical errors in dates, places and people; most of them are not grammatically correct. Moreover, unqualified people write about medical symptoms and cures incorrectly. Furthermore, according to a scientific review performed by “Nature” magazine, 162 errors in 42 Wikipedia articles were found. The founder of Wikipedia acknowledges this problem, but explains that the integrity of their data is improving over time. Recently, Wikipedia decided to employ staff to check any new information that is added to their site, although this is limited to famous profiles only. 

Despite these shortcomings, Wikipedia was created with good intentions. Although there are problems with data accuracy, you can find reliable articles (if you are lucky). If you ask me, I think the best way to find information is to consult with a specialist in the field or read specialized literature on the topic you are interested in.


Reference:  the article “Jewish Immigrant Success Story” from hangout materials.